The truth about being a hero

Many times we’re not aware about how fortunate we are by having beside us someone that always remains whatever happens. However, they still do their best without a break, 365 days a year. That’s what I call a hero.

El dia del padre 2006

Mine is even better than I could desire, and that’s why I want to thank him. For being always a good father, and for providing me the most important things in life: a great childhood plenty of happy moments, a warm familiar home, and everyone of the valuable principles that make me. Not only he has given me life, but also all the ingredients for having a satisfactory one.

Even today he’s teaching me how to be a IMG-20150804-WA0018complete person, despite he doesn’t realize it. And I’m sure I will learn new things from him until the day he will leave. If I would have to enumerate his qualities I wouldn’t be able to finish. He’s the most well-balanced person I’ve ever known, he’s thoughful, familiar and selfless.

I have lots of huge memories with him, from the day he teach me riding a bike, to the day-trips we had together last holidays, going through all the summers in Canet de Mar or at swimming pool, the afternoons playing football, and even the day he introduced me in informathics (drawing shapes in Microsoft Word) when I was six or seven.

He works hard every day to satisfy my needs and thanks to that I can put my whole effort in study. I could say he’s my best investor, and I won’t let him down.

He’s my reference in virtually everything. I wish I will be able to be at his level someday.  If you’re reading this, I love you dad! I’m so glad of being your son. Happy father’s day, because you deserve it, not only for being an outstanding father, but also for being an exceptional grandad.


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