Barcelona’s 2016 Mobile World Congress

Not only now that I’m studying Computer Science, but also when I was a kid, I’ve always been a mobile passionate. Therefore, I could say that attending the most relevant event worldwide relative to them has been a dream came true.

Outside views of the MWC, at Fira Gran Via

You may think it’s a sumptuous spectacle, whose target is reduced to wealthy nerds or multi-national ICT conglomerates. And the price of the ticket won’t help me convincing you otherwise, since it starts at 600€. But nonetheless, it’s still the perfect chance for those start-ups seeking investors. In that case, it’s worth every penny. Additionally, every year the congress hosts the most cutting-edge companies, from Microsoft to Google, going through Intel, Dell or Samsung, as well as their highlighted managers, who usually give interesting open-door conferences. All this without taking into account the huge amount of brand-new smartphones available to try out right there.

Android Garden at MWC

But not everything was as well-organized. Indeed, if you had come, you would have agreed with me at that the catering service left much to be desired. The drinks weren’t cold and the sandwiches ran out as quick as a flash!

Even so, the overall balance of the Mobile World Congress was extremely positive, and I’m looking forward being back, perhaps, playing a more renowned role.


2 thoughts on “Barcelona’s 2016 Mobile World Congress

  1. Hi!

    I’m happy to hear (well… Read) that you went to the Mobile World Congress. I didn’t know how much would cost a Congress’ tarjet, but… 600€? OMG. Don’t you think is an excess? I do. Well, that’s not the most important fact to talk about since it really shocked me. I kwen it was a bit expensive, but 600€… Did you pay that?

    Hope to read you soon,



    1. No… I logically didn’t pay 600€ for the ticket, I just cannot afford it, but luckily I had an invitation. Even if I would have the money I don’t know whether I’d pay this insane amount for it or not. I guess approximately 85% of the attendees didn’t pay themselves for obtaining their badge, cause they were International and local press, or salesmen.

      I hope I’ve answered your question and I’m happy to read you here again!

      Best Regards,



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