Angels outside heaven

Have you ever felt the sensation of being in harmony with someone? It may be a bit difficult to identify, but once you do, you won’t want to let it go.

I’m talking about all those people who make your life easier, nicer and richer. Not only that, but they encourage you to act the same way and be, in short, a better human being. It doesn’t take long to recognize the improvement that your life suffers by being surrounded by the correct people. And on top of that, the simple fact of behave like this, allows you to synchronize with others who release the same kind of energy.

I feel so grateful for having the luck of have known so wonderful life mates without whom nothing would be the same. People whose paths crossed over mine and it meant the beginning of a mutual-constructive relationship. And this type of relationships are the ones that make you growing up both personally as spiritually.

Eventually, soulmates meet,

for they have the same

hiding place. – Robert Brault

Yes, I’m the class of person who believes in stuff like that. That’s because when I’m beside someone who I’ve connected with, I can feel more than good vibes, I can sense how my soul is being lighted, in a peaceful and quiet sensation. I’m not saying my deepest expression is available to everybody, but luckily I’m able to tune in with similar souls. I would rather that than some social skills that perhaps I don’t have so developed –although theese ones are far more useful in daily living-.

I believe we’re in society because we must learn from our neighbors, and let our fellows learn from us. It sometimes involves some effort, but as everything that requires it, it’s usually followed by a valuable life-long reward. And at this point we are entering into the field of empathysomething interesting enough for, possibly, another post– .

Do you agree with me? Do you think is possible to maintain a so intense link with somebody? Do you want to share your personal experience? Please, feel free to do it, and leave a piece of yourself in the comments box down below.




4 thoughts on “Angels outside heaven

  1. Hi!
    I’m in love with your post and well, I don’t how to express myself but I think that there are people which are connected with other and we cannot understand why but it is a reality.
    Sometimes I think I’m alone, that no one can understand me and that I’m in the wrong place, at the wrong moment, with the wrong people. But one day, a little light shines between darkness and he (or she) appears. The one who makes you feel that you’re not so strange, that you wasn’t born in the wrong place or at the wrong moment, because that person, with his/her imperfections and personality makes you feel complete, because both are different people, since you love him/her and you don’t know why. Then, you cannot live without him/her, because you are connected. (Saying this, I’m not talking about boyfriends or girlfriends, this is about something more “mystical”, without sexual desires or something).
    Find someone like this and feel that sensation, in my opinion, is one of the best feelings around the world. More than physical atraction, different that couple-love, better than a normal friendship… It’s comprehesion, absolutely comprehesion, your soul and your mind are in peace, and this is too difficult to find it.

    Sorry for my (wrong and plain) English. It’s too late, I’m really tired and I just want to go to sleep, hahaha. See you soon!! :*

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    1. Hi Sophie!! I’m glad to read you here. Thank you so much for your comment, which is not at all wrong nor plain by the way.

      I completely agree with you at the point you’re writting anyone’s life can be full by finding a soulmate or more than one. You tell about romantic relationships too, and I have to say that in my opinion both two things are independent. From my point, romanticism appears at the highest layers of us, and when it comes to something as deep as a link like that, it involves the very core, the nucleus of one. I’m just saying they are independents, not mismatched, and also when they are combined, give way to the well-known by cinema but hardly archievable live-long love relationship.

      I really hope you have enjoyed reading as much as me writting, thanks again for sharing your so sincere experience about the topic. Stay tunned to more content, I’m already looking forward reading you that way again.

      Best wishes,



  2. Voy a empezar este comentario de una forma muy directa con la definición de equipo:
    ” Un equipo es un grupo de dos o más personas que interactúan, discuten y piensan de forma coordinada y cooperativa, unidas con un objetivo común.”
    Puede aplicarse a equipos deportivos, en los que mejorar el nivel, las habilidades y la posición en un ránking es el objetivo, o de trabajo, muy en consonancia con el primero, pero en el que el objetivo es lograr la consecución de las tareas encomendadas. Y luego está mi definición de equipo, en el que los integrantes son ese tipo de personas que cuando las conoces un poco más, hay ese “click” mental y pasa de caerte bien a querer ser parte de su/tu equipo, porque sabes que no sólo va a ser un compañero en el trabajo definido, sinó que va a pasar a ser amigo, y el objetivo común es cada día mejorar para poder igualar y sobrepasar el uno al otro. Y en esas que los turnos se van cambiando y se consigue la perfecta simbiosis y en poco tiempo te das cuenta que las formas de pensar convergen y la comunicación es mucho más fluida.
    Y no nos equivoquemos en la definición, para nada es bueno, ni conveniente, que los integrantes del equipo piensen igual ante situaciones que se encuentren. Casi siempre diferentes puntos de vista ayudan a mejorar, bien sea defendiendo cada uno la teoría en la cree reside la razón o logrando la contradicción de las otras, y lograr el objetivo común.
    Puedo ser no muy listo, fabulador, tozudo y terco, u obstinado, pero hay algo que sí que sé valorar y es poder tener el honor de conocer una de esas personas que claramente defines en tu post, la verá en el reflejo de un espejo.
    Algunos años pueden marcar la diferencia ahora, y eso contraviene en experiencia, pero no hace falta que llegue el día y admirador sea el admirado, puesto que ese día fue ayer.


  3. So many feelings reading this… Keep doing it, you know I’ll always read whatever you post! (biggest fan here yep)

    As I see it, we are more than 7 billion people in the world. We are forced to live in society and coexist with other beings, and in order to be in peace in this community called Earth, we need to develop certain relations with other human beings. Of course you can be a lonely who doesn’t enjoy spending time around others, but still, you’ll need someone (even if it’s just one person) to be by your side sooner or later.

    In this need of connecting with others, as we are soooo many people, it’s impossible not to prefer one person or another. We do this with everything, not just with people. Taking food as an example, you might try 7 different ice creams and at first be like “oh, I really like these four” but then taste number five and instantly know that this one is the one, and that if you’re sure you like this one so much then there’s no need to keep eating the regular ones (this is a pretty bad example, I KNOW). So, I reckon once we meet somebody who make us feel truly good, we start tracing ties in order to build a strong relationship with this special person. This takes years and effort, because a reliable and meaningful friendship does not grow in one day.

    Anyway, what I wanted to express is that I don’t think soulmates exist. I think when we find somebody special for us, and somebody who considers us special for them, is when we start creating in our mind this sensation of being soulmates.


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