Barcelona’s 2016 Mobile World Congress

Not only now that I’m studying Computer Science, but also when I was a kid, I’ve always been a mobile passionate. Therefore, I could say that attending the most relevant event worldwide relative to them has been a dream came true.

Outside views of the MWC, at Fira Gran Via

You may think it’s a sumptuous spectacle, whose target is reduced to wealthy nerds or multi-national ICT conglomerates. And the price of the ticket won’t help me convincing you otherwise, since it starts at 600€. But nonetheless, it’s still the perfect chance for those start-ups seeking investors. In that case, it’s worth every penny. Additionally, every year the congress hosts the most cutting-edge companies, from Microsoft to Google, going through Intel, Dell or Samsung, as well as their highlighted managers, who usually give interesting open-door conferences. All this without taking into account the huge amount of brand-new smartphones available to try out right there.

Android Garden at MWC

But not everything was as well-organized. Indeed, if you had come, you would have agreed with me at that the catering service left much to be desired. The drinks weren’t cold and the sandwiches ran out as quick as a flash!

Even so, the overall balance of the Mobile World Congress was extremely positive, and I’m looking forward being back, perhaps, playing a more renowned role.


StirHack 2016: my experience

This spring season, the Stirling University Computer Club has organized the first edition of their own Major League Hacking hackathon: StirHack. For those who don’t know what a hackathon exactly is, I will give you a brief and concise definition:

A hackathon is a gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time. While working on a particular project, the idea is for each developer to have the ability and freedom to work on whatever he/she wants.

After this kind of introduction, let’s talk about the main point, the event itself.

StirHack 2016 took place in the University of Stirling (Scotland), which is surrounded by plenty of green spaces, and even a lake. Definitely an idyllic venue where anyone would like to study or do research.

University of Stirling

It is well known that hackers -and geeks in general- love stickers. Not only that, but also tech T-shirts, pens, and everything that stand us out as a coders. So the organization as well as the MLH took charge of this imperious need and provided us a bag with all this stuff in the registration process.

The first thing we did once the opening ceremony finished off, was the team-building. This is a great opportunity to join in the whole group and meet new interesting people. Plus, if you’re a foreigner, forming a group with a few local people will allow you increase your level of the language while you have fun coding and joking in a friendly atmosphere.

Unluckily, there were already three of us in our team, and the maximum components in a group were four. So there wasn’t much margin to attract other attendees to our team, even though we were open to accept anyone. In fact, one guy got closer to our table in order to join us,  -and I’m not proud of this- but when he just heard us speaking English he ran away as quick as a wink. We three are still laughing at this!

Stirling University’s mascot gave us a warm welcome. It’s adorable, isn’t it?

When the teams were already built, next step was moving into the hacking area, aka the classrooms. We were smart and settled in a table next to a radiator. Something told us the weather at night wouldn’t be as warm as at midday. But it wasn’t time to think about that, we had to decide what to do.

Although we had an initial idea, it doesn’t took us much realize that it was a bit silly. However, we all knew we wanted to try developing something using the Android platform. No one of us were an expert in the field, but we were willing to explore and test out our skills. And where there is a will, there is a way! One of us came up with a great idea and we immediately got to work into it.

During the development stage, we lost track of time. We had to face several problems, but every time we fixed an issue we felt better and it encouraged us to go ahead. But not all was coding! Between bug and bug we strolled through the campus and sometimes passed by the supplies room, which was filled of food and beverage to take by your own throughout the hackathon. (Yes! Free and unlimited snacks and energy drinks! -all this apart the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner-) What more could you ask for?

Although it doesn’t seems, there were healthy food and drink too

Night fell and our project was almost done. So I took it into advantage to sleep for a while, and was then when I could use the sleep mask and the ear plugs. At first, I fell asleep on the moquette, but a short time after, I wake up due to cold. In that moment was when the radiator near our table became essential, because I turned it on and thanks to it I could sleep until next morning!

For my surprise, during my nap, my fellows kept working on the project, and when I woke up, an interesting functionality had been added to the app. So the last thing to do was preparing the demonstration, which was rather challenging to us due to we had not spoken in public in English never before. But finally it wasn’t a big deal. We made a simple presentation and showed the application running. Actually, not a lot of words were needed, but I believe we got out of trouble quite well.

Slide from our presentation. It suggests you interesting points around events of your interest.

The event was reaching its end, and while we were astonished seeing the impressive projects made by the other participants, we were called to stage and had been named finalists! We thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. We just couldn’t believe how they had selected our project, and in that moment we felt very proud of the work done. A group of beginners, with a humble app, reaching the final. It will be hard to forget that moment, I think it was the most satisfactory since I started my degree.

Because of that I want to encourage all those beginners -as us- attending this type of events, especially the medium-size hackathons, because they provide a familiar atmosphere which is perfect to get started and finding out more about this exciting world. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know a lot, doesn’t matter if you’re shy, because there is a kind of magic in that events that helps you growing up much faster than you will imagine. The only thing you have to do is give yourself a chance to build something great. And only like this, perhaps you will be able to, someday, make a tool useful for everyone, or even develop an application that helps saving lives.

Finally, I would like to thank and acknowledge the work of everyone who has made this story possible. Thanks to the Stirling University Computer Club, thanks to the Major League Hacking, thanks to my team mates, and thanks to my family. I’m looking forward seeing you next year, Stirling.


Happy coding!


Angels outside heaven

Have you ever felt the sensation of being in harmony with someone? It may be a bit difficult to identify, but once you do, you won’t want to let it go.

I’m talking about all those people who make your life easier, nicer and richer. Not only that, but they encourage you to act the same way and be, in short, a better human being. It doesn’t take long to recognize the improvement that your life suffers by being surrounded by the correct people. And on top of that, the simple fact of behave like this, allows you to synchronize with others who release the same kind of energy.

I feel so grateful for having the luck of have known so wonderful life mates without whom nothing would be the same. People whose paths crossed over mine and it meant the beginning of a mutual-constructive relationship. And this type of relationships are the ones that make you growing up both personally as spiritually.

Eventually, soulmates meet,

for they have the same

hiding place. – Robert Brault

Yes, I’m the class of person who believes in stuff like that. That’s because when I’m beside someone who I’ve connected with, I can feel more than good vibes, I can sense how my soul is being lighted, in a peaceful and quiet sensation. I’m not saying my deepest expression is available to everybody, but luckily I’m able to tune in with similar souls. I would rather that than some social skills that perhaps I don’t have so developed –although theese ones are far more useful in daily living-.

I believe we’re in society because we must learn from our neighbors, and let our fellows learn from us. It sometimes involves some effort, but as everything that requires it, it’s usually followed by a valuable life-long reward. And at this point we are entering into the field of empathysomething interesting enough for, possibly, another post– .

Do you agree with me? Do you think is possible to maintain a so intense link with somebody? Do you want to share your personal experience? Please, feel free to do it, and leave a piece of yourself in the comments box down below.