First of all

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post.

Firstly, in case you don’t know me I would like to introduce me; my name’s Hermes Valenciano and I’ve created this blog because I want you to take part of the maturation of my own ideas, thoughts and experiences. This is how I live, this is how I think, but above all, this is how I feel.

In order to continue with presentations I’ll answer these few questions next.

Who am I?12080167_10206997257162708_3295661332572676658_o

I’m a 19 year boy who spends the majority of his time watching TV Series or playing trying to play the guitar. This boy’s a passionate about science and technology, reason that he’s studying Computer Science (and he adores it).

I love learning new interesting things day in day out. I do need estimulate my brain and I think there is no better way than being attentive to the daily challenges that life puts in front of us. Are you ready to join me in this exciting travel?

Three random things about me:

  • My favourite TV Series is Mr. Robot
  • When I was a kid I used to do figure skating
  • If something does not want to work, I can be coding all night long

What will I write about?

This blog is pretended to be a channel to share my life sensations in general, but you’ll can also find some miscellaneous such as guitar covers or tech reviews. These are like my public and shared Diary notes, or perhaps my thoughts notebook. Objectivity is not a goal of this blog. Instead, here you’ll read a fundamented subjectivity. Here I will tell my own story.

Anyway, stay tuned for more entries and I hope to read you soon in the comments box down below.

Best wishes,



One thought on “First of all

  1. When I started reading, I was delighted by your english skills: I didn’t expect it at all; I even thought I was ranning into a typical perfect english writting that you’d give to your teacher because of the format and well-structured ideas. I am really lazy to correct mistakes so sorry in advantage if I make a random one. However, the main thing is that I know I am really going to enjoy spending time here reading your stuff. You are not put under the pressure that a conversation demands (replying back AND thinking what the “correct thing” would be in order to maintain that friend you are talking to, keeping in mind the concept of friendship is for example; with some people you can’t be as awkward as you are going to be here) so as a result we’ll be having the hidden and real Hermes. Get out. Let’s get the show to begin!


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